OMG-Naija Runs man Leaked Princess Secret part Photos Online


Naija leak photo of a princess, what a pity.In this day and era why would someone send a secret part photo to someone, and if its a must you send secret part why add your face to it?
A man has put to shame a princess of one of the private universities in Nigeria by leaking her secret part pictures online.
The princess who happens to be the daughter of a king of <name withhold> acts like a good girl at home but morphes to a ‘runs-girl’ when she goes back to school.
According to the story that is now causing her pains, she had met a guy on the social media and planned to meet up for doing secret thing on bed.
In the process of chatting with the man, he asked for her secret part photos which she sent them.
What messed the whole parole up was when she demanded for money from the man who is based in Abuja for her flight ticket to go and visit him.
The man was said to have wired the money to her but she refused to fulfill her own part of the bargain, pushing the man to post her secret part photos,


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